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500 Real Clay 11.5 gram Texas Holdem Casino Poker Chips

Note to buyers: Other sellers use our item position on Amazon to sell their own similar but different chip set. Our chips have no metal insert in the chips. Please test the chips when you receive them with a magnet. The chip should not stick to the magnet. Bonus: FREE pack of 6 dealer buttons including 2" dealer, little blind, big blind, missed blind, reserved, and kill buttons, plus FREE 5-pack of special poker dice that can be used to play a game of poker without cards. A $13 value absolutely free with this chip set.

These professional grade chips are made of Real Clay and they do not have any metal insert, unlike most other chips out there. Please note that other sellers that sell their sets under our item are selling chips with metal insert that are plastic and not clay. Our clay-no-metal-insert chips feel and sound as good as real casino chips and they are not slippery. Each 11.5 gram chip is made to specifications and is perfectly balanced to give the proper effect. The strong New All Aluminum reinforced case has space for 2 decks of playing cards, 500 chips, and 5 dice, all included.

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