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You will need a craps table to play the game. Two dices have used to play the where every dice has 6 sides with the number 1 to 6 so total 12 points with 2 dices. The minimum number can be 1+1=2 and the maximum is 6+6=12 and these 2 points 2 and 12 can only be occurred one time if both dice has the same value where other number can be occurred with different values of the dices. What concerns the difficulty of the game, you can compare it to the baccarat online. As an example, if you bet on 7 then it can 5+2=7, 6+1=7 or 4+3=7 but if you bet on 12 or 2 then it has to be 1+1=2 or 6+6=12 there is no other option. Dices of the game are changed after a fixed time everyday because the dices can be worn and a fix number will come every time. In order to win at craps you should know the craps strategies.craps playing

Rules to Play Craps:

  1. Come out roll means first roll. You can make certain point to play the next round.
  2. You can bet on the table with 3 ways, two outside bets on center bet. The pass and don't pass, the come and don't come bets are the popular bets.
  3. If the come out is seven or eleven then you get come out bets but is the outcome is two, three or twelve then you will lose the bet.
  4. For don't pass if the come out is seven or eleven then you will lose or the come out is two or three you will win.
  5. Tie will happen if the result is 12.

Different Types of Bets

  1. Pass Line bet: if the come out id seven or eleven you will win but if two, three or twelve occurred then you lose.
  2. Come bet: the bet is same as pass line bet. The only difference that you can only bet an amount after the number occurred where you have to bet an amount earlier in pass line.
  3. Line bet with don't pass: this is the opposite of pass bet and you lose if seven or eleven come out that means you win if two or three come out and twelve is the tie.
  4. Don't Come Bet: it is the reverse of come bet.
  5. Place bet: You have score before bet placing.
  6. Field bet: This is the kind of bets where you have to place bet before dice rolling.
  7. Big eight, bib six bet: this bet will win when 6 or 8 will come out before 7.
  8. Proposition bet: it is the bet what placed in the middle of a craps table.
  9. Horn bet: Here betting will be on two, three, eleven or twelve.
  10. Hardways: This bet based on the pair. If you get pair or 7 you win otherwise loss.
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