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Your privacy is respected by the FreeCasinoGamesCity. Our website has taken many steps to protect for the user. During the period of time the FreeCasinoGamesCity gather many information when you use our website.

The website knows well about you and how to use your personal information with others or to us.{ name of site} always give the worth of your faith. We always try to protect your personal information, and we are cordial for your request. We give a notice in our website in online about privacy policy. There have described about what types of information we gather and its using system.

When you will read about privacy notice, then you can visit our various brand. When you will give your personal information to us, you can be permitted to visit any brand of our site. The systems of using your personal document are described below.

How to gather of user personal information

We gather the personal information of user from the user to improve our service and to continue this program rapidly. The types of information we collect from the customer are given below.

  1. When you visit our site, we take your personal information and save the information in our website. If you do not give genuine information of yours, you will not get the all types of advantages from us. When you will give your accurate of yours, we use this information for providing your helping. You can reply your request question and also we also solve your problem, when you use our website. As you will be good customers for website and we will good conduct to you.
  2. When you will work with us, we can get your general information and this information will save automatically. Because, we use the cookie technology in our website like many reputed website. For using this we can collect information when anyone uses our website. Many website in online are offering to use their designed. We will not provide this opportunity.

What Are Cookies?

We use cookies for collect some of your information. Actually cookie is the alphanumeric identifiers which we send to your pc for enable yourself as a client of ours. When you visit our brand website we send a cookie to your browser. There is an option on every browser to accept or reject the cookies. However most of the browser accepts cookies automatically. You will not capable to use FreeCasinoGamesCity if you will not allows the cookie. Actually cookie allows you to better experience in our website.

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